Server for Small Business

Very easy to run and use.

Absolutely No Server skills required.

Recover deleted documents.

Auto switch over to second server on main server fault.

No IT management skills required.

No new skills to learn.

No Microsoft Server updates required.

No maintenance contract required.

Automatic onsite backup.

Automatic offsite backup via your Internet connection.

No additional licence cost to add new users.

Remote access to your documents.

Little routine maintenance required (read an email, daily).

Very low power consumption (30% of a “Traditional” server).

Very quiet (almost silent).

Protected against power supply disruption.

The RAIDical Rapid Recovery small business server system is designed from the ground up for small business, who have no skills (or time) to manage a file server or server backup’s, with the need to have 2 - 25 users sharing documents.

The RAIDical Rapid Recovery small business server system is more simple to use than Microsoft’s Foundation Server (or any other Microsoft or Linux server products for that matter) and includes special features designed to make your documents far safer. This is the ideal “First Server” for a small or micro business.

When your server fails (as they are all likely to at one time or another) with the RAIDical Rapid Recovery small business server system, your PC’s will automatically detect the fault and automatically select the “Standby” server that has a duplicate copy of the documents and files from your (now failed) “Primary” Server.

In the event of a total disaster with your business premises. The RAIDical Rapid Recovery small business server system, will have created an automatic “Off Site” backup of your documents and files to be recovered when you need them.

The RAIDical Rapid Recovery small business server system price includes Dual Servers, very comprehensive automatic backup systems and uninterruptible power supplies, offering a level of fault tolerance not normally available within a Small or Micro Business’s budget.  The price starting for a complete system with 1 TB of storage, 12 months Off Site Backup for your server data and 5 of your computers (PC or Mac) to backup your email and address books plus Free Anti virus protection is £1395 (+VAT).

Designed to fit small business budget

Recover lost files and folders

Minimise downtime (Dual Servers)

RAIDical Rapid Recovery

Tel 01 332 271 808

Mobile 07 850 665 664

Phone 01 332 271 808

Is your existing server service contract costing you more than £1395 p.a. ?

Is your existing server Fault Tolerant? (Have you suffered server down time?)

Is your existing server Fully Backed up? (Have you lost any files?)

Want a simple, worry/hassle free and affordable server system?

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